*Finalist at Young Lotus 2017
Feel the Gap Sodas is a 2-per-pack carbonated beverage product that isn’t just delicious, it also makes us aware of how dire the CO2 emission problem in the world has become. By comparing one beverage to the other, the drinker can really see and feel the extreme rise in CO2 emissions in the world like they’ve never experienced before.
「Feel the Gap Sodas」は、ただおいしいだけでなく、地球温暖化の進行を実感することのできる、2本組の炭酸水です。その2本の炭酸の差を比較することで、二酸化炭素排出量の加速を、身をもって体験することができます。
The idea was based on a simple insight: people rave and rant about the changing environment, but how can anyone believe it if it changes at such an unnoticable pace? Our idea was to use a surprising method to feel the impact of CO2: carbonated water. By comparing the CO2 levels of 1940 to the CO2 levels of 2017 through carbonation, the user can really tell the alarming rate at which CO2 levels are rising in the environment. 

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