*Bronze Lion winner at Cannes 2016
The refugee problem has a minimal impact in Japan due to the fact that most Japanese people are unaware how big the global refugee problem has become. To bring awareness to the public, we created a pop-up shop in Omotesando where we sold items donated from refugees in various locations such as Myanmar and Syria, and repackaged their belongings to sell back to the public. These funds were used to provide support back to the refugees.
NPO法人 Refugee International Japan をクライアントにした難民問題に関するキャンペーン。企画立案・ポスター制作・イベント実施を行いました。その企画を通じミャンマーやシリア等の難民から寄付されたアイテムを買うことができるようにするだけでなく、それらのアイテムをオリジナルのパッケージに梱包して売り出し、その売上金を難民支援の目的で寄付しました。
The packaging contained impactful, beaten items with a design mimicking the look of sundries being sold on store shelves. Each package came with a unique story of how the refugee doner came across this item during their troubling journeys to safety. 

To accompany the creation of the shop and product packaging, we created a simple website and ran an instagram to garner interest from the public. Through the use of social media and strong help from the PR department, we garnered interest from Asahi Shinbun, Abema TV, and Buzzfeed. 

ウェブサイトとインスタグラムも併せて開設することで、世間からの注目をさらに集めることに成功しました。ソーシャルメディアを上手く活用した結果、朝日新聞、Abema TV、Buzzfeedといったメディアにも取り上げられました
This film tells the story of how this project came to fruition, and the success it saw during the 3-day pop-up shop period in Omotesando. 

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